When do you start your creative career?

For 23 years creatives have been some magical people for me. Ever since, I have struggled to start any creative path, as I enjoyed no eductation in that direction. Not that this is someones else fault – it is my own – but our society is shaping a limited mind as we are exposed to fears everyday. Facebook or LinkedIn posts which states, that you should face the challenge are nice, but they do not simply change a person.

However, I started to get into creative work for half a year now. It is not accellerating like hell, but I get pretty interested this direction. Just two days ago, a draw tablet arrived. I used the tutorial from Digital-Tutors Getting Started with Digital Painting in Photoshop to have first experience with my graphic tablet and how to use it within Photoshop.

The last thing I want to mention is, that I have never drawn anything in my free time before and now started right away without any knowledge about painting with my graphics tablet. I was astonished how the first result looked like:




I know, that it is nothing special, but hey, you can see the human body shape, can’t you?

So, before never ever trying to do something creative: Just start!




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