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The SL help is definitly one of the most useful help documents for a program. Beside that there is really a lot of information in the help file, the corresponding help page is connected with all the default form fields and columns. That is quite handy when the information within the field or column is not known or you require to refresh your knowledge about it.

However, the help is obviously not available for your own customization and requires manual work. Over the past year, I have done some research how to connect all the information of the customizations in a comfort, easy to use and trackable way. The up to date best solution is to use a wiki system in conjunction with a development document about the customizations. The wiki system is useful for searching and quite known for endusers. The tricky part was now how to link your customizations with the corresponding wiki entry. The solution is given with SL possible to set the right-click menu!

The following steps explains how to set it up to have the the following result:

SL right click help file linkage

  1. First, you have to navigate to the component
  2. Fill the Right-Click Menu component property with an unused name for a Right-Click Menu.
  3. Then click on the […] button next to the property.Right-Click Menu
  4. With the thumbnails in the top of the ShortCutMenu window, you can add a new menu item.
  5. Then, also create the event in the form event handlers.Right-Click Menu EventHandler

Once all the steps have been done, you should close the modified form. That done, either log out and in again and clear the IDO cache or you can unload the global objects (Ctrl+U). When reopeneing the form, you get a right-click menu as shown above.




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