SyteLine – Error when filtering for UETs

Today, a colleague look over my shoulder and was shocked that I was able to filter a certain field. He told me he was running the filtering, but always faced an error. I bet 50 bucks, that he can for sure filter that field (I was sure he had the rights). We went to his desk and he started to filtering. Suddenly a box appeared: “Invalid column name ‘coiUf'”.ErrorWhenFilteringForUET

Beside losing the 50 bucks, I was completely astonished about that error. The binding was correct, for other people it was working to filter, but still only parts of the bounded property name is shown.

I got some help from another ERP developer. He told me to check the SQL wildcard for the user twice. That was definitly not what I was thinking about! And it turned out, that the user had selected the underscore “_” as a wildcard. That led the filtering process to replace the “_” in the column name coiUf_myUET which in the end blew up the query from SyteLine against the database.

So, better check the SQL wildcard character of the user twice!




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